vegas entertainment

We have been providing sales leads to the
business & entertainment industry for over 20 years.

Inclusive to our 110 million double opt-in email address database, we have over 25 million extensive entertainment records. These records include high risk, high net worth investors and gamblers.

We have provided many well known gaming and entertainment companies with names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of individuals of significant wealth who are interested in gaming, entertainment, music and film development projects.

We routinely send e-mails on various entertainment subject matter and projects. We are able to categorize interest, interest level, and risk parameters for each recipient.

We are able to send e-mails by zip code and target pockets of wealth.

We are able to target a very specific market for each project by e-mail, thus eliminating any need to send bulk mail to a zip code, saving our clients thousands of dollars. We are able to generate an interest first by e-mail,  then mail by US Post to only those who have requested more information.

Our call center located in Las Vegas, 1 mile off Las Vegas Blvd. is staffed by an elite group of professionals many of whom have been involved in telephone processing and marketing for twenty years or more.

Because we have made prior contact with our leads by e-mail and letter, there is little need to filter our phone numbers through the national do not call database.

We are highly selective in the projects that we choose to accept. Our reputation is important to us.

William Ballou, President, Vegas Entertainment Marketing